Introducing the Tech All Stars Advisory Board

The Tech All Stars team is hard at work getting Europe’s best and brightest entrepreneurs on board for the Tech All Stars event. We have five superstars on the Advisory Board so far. We’ll introduce you to them in a moment.


So what is an advisory board anyway? And what do they do? Well they offer their advice and experience to make the event better. They are also connected to people and resources that will make the Tech All Stars event an AWESOME experience for the 12 lucky startups selected to participate.


And if you are interested in participating in the Tech All Stars event, start that application now by clicking here!


Without further delay, our current Ad Board members :


We’ve already shared a little info about one of our board members (Pierre)¬†and we’ll be sure to share more about the ad board in the weeks to come. The Tech All Stars team will be working through the Easter holidays to get the hottest entrepreneurs and investors!