The 12 selected startups for Tech All Stars

We received 257 applications to the Tech All Stars event. We received applications from all EU countries (with the exception of Bulgaria) and 7 applications from startups outside of the EU. A crack selection team read each and every one of them. There was some good stuff in those 257 applications. Really good stuff.


Alas, we could only select 12 to participate in Tech All Stars. We’re opening the doors to everyone on June 20th, so if you have a LeWeb London ticket and you’re at the event, come and check us out! We’re having a Term Sheet Battle (get a ticket to the Term Sheet Battle – they are free. Please note that you must be at LeWeb London to be part of the Term Sheet Battle). And we’re having the 12 selected teams pitch.


Without further delay, the 12 teams (in alphabetical order) :

  • ChangeYourFlight – Spain – Not Affiliated with an Accelerator - ChangeYourFlight (CYF) is a platform where passengers obtain partial refunds on plane tickets they will not use and airlines gain additional seats to sell.
  • Cobook – Latvia – HackFwd - Smart address book that just works and lets you manage contacts with joy.
  • CogniCor Technologies – Spain – Wayra - Automated complaint resolution for service sector industries (telecom, aviation, financial, insurance) to resolve complaints/claims faster & cheaper.
  • Conferize – Denmark - / ScaleIt.US / StartupWeekend - Conferize is a global online platform to revolutionize the way professionals find, attend and network at conferences and professional events.
  • Fractal – UK – Seedcamp - Fractal is a web based service that makes the lives of email designers really easy by converting any HTML into compliant email designs that render the same in all major email clients.
  • – Lativa – HackFwd & Startup Sauna- Super-easy web based tool for making interactive infographics.
  • Kantox – UK – Linktostart, Seedrocket Kantox is the first FX hedging business-to-business hedging solution.
  • Reciteme – UK – The Difference Engine – Reciteme is a unique system that allows any person with a visual disability or dyslexia using any computer anywhere in the world to view a website in a personalized way for them.
  • Roozz – Denmark – Startupbootcamp and Accelerace 2011 - Roozz is disrupting the software industry with a per day rental model for Windows Desktop applications and games. Running in your browser, but with the same native performance as if installed locally.
  • SCRAZZL- Ireland – NDRC Launchpad – SCRAZZL is a search/marketing platform for research products in science.
  • Senseye – Denmark – Startup Weekend - Senseye makes it possible to activate and operate a mobile device just by looking at it.
  • Telepord – France – Seedcamp –  Teleportd allows realtime search and delivery of more than 5 million new public mobile photos every day coming form all successful photo sharing apps, essentially being “Twilio for smartphone snapshots”.